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Specialising in Aboriginal Fine Art

Born in his father’s country at Bandibu in 1932 he belonged to the Mirraytja group of the Bamdibu, South West of Ramingining country in the area of Jarruluk, Beswick, Sourth Arnhemland, NT. Paddy and his family followed many of the other Rembarrnga to the ration depot at Maranboy during the wartime. Later he decided to become a stockman, working at various cattle stations from Mataranka to Oenpelli, Goulburn Island and Milingimbi.  After the introduction of Aboriginal rights for citizenship in 1962, he decided to give up being a stockman and went to the settlement of Maningrida to live. Nearly 20 years later he returned to live with his Rembarrnga relations in Beswick. It was here in the early 1980’s that Paddy Wainburranga began committing his stories to bark. His artistic scope widened and he ventured onto painting paper, canvas, linen and murals, with which, he has gained acclaim as a painter. Lithographic prints and carving are other examples of his vast artistic ability. Paddy  became a well -known figure in the Top End of Australia and is most renown for his distinctive portrayals of Mimi Spirits and characters from the many mythologies with which he is familiar. His work has gained critical acclaim for the lucid communication of traditional  knowledge ; how beings on this earth interact with one another, and for the humorous depiction of people in their idiosyncratic situations. Sadly Paddy passed away in 2006 Group Exhibitions: ~ 1984 - Aboriginal Art Exhibition, Canberra ~ 1985 - The 2nd National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1987 - The 4th National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1989 - A Myriad of Dreaming, Melbourne & Sydney ~ 1989 - Aboriginal Art, The Continuing  Tradition, Canberra ~ 1989 - The 6th National Aboriginal Art Award  Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1999 - Spirit in Land, Barkpaintings from ArnhemLand, Melbourne ~ 1990, Tagari Lia; My Family, Australia, UK ~ 1990 - Contemporary Aboriginal Art, USA ~ 1991 - Australian Perspecta, Sydney ~ 1991 - The 8th National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1992 - Tyerabarrbowaryaou, I shall never become a white man, Sydney ~ 1992 - The 9th National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1992/3 - New Tracks, Old Land, USA ~ 1993 - The 10th National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Darwin ~ 1993 - Australian Heritage Commission Art Award Exhibition, Canberra ~ 1993/4 - Aratjara, Art of the First Australians,  Germany, UK, USA ~ 1994 - Tyerabarrbowaryaou 2, Sydney & Cuba ~ 1994 - Malu Urul, Sydney ~ 1994 - Art of the Rainbow Snake, Melbourne Collections: ~ Art Bank, Sydney ~ National Gallery of Australia, Canberra ~ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne ~ National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour,  Sydney ~ Berndt Museum of Anthropology, University of WA ~ Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide ~ Museum of Victoria, Melbourne ~ The Holmes `a` Court Collection, Perth Awards: ~ 1989 - Memorial Award for Malawan’s eldest son  ( Best artwork in open media ), National Aboriginal Art Award, Darwin ~ 1993 - Telecom Australia Prize, Darwin Film: ~ 1988 - Too many Captain Cooks  ( Director :  Penny McDonald )
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