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Kuddtji ( Pronounced ~ Koob –ij -  ee) is the younger brother of the  renowned  Emily Kame Kngwarreye. He was one of the first male artists at Utopia and he currently lives at Ti Tree with his wife Charlotte Nangala, 180Km North of Alice Springs. He left the outstation of Boundary Bore, Utopia shortly after the passing of his older sister Emily in 1996. Kuddtji by western definition, is the uncle to the highly acclaimed Utopian artists, Greeny Purvis Petyarre, and Lindsay Bird Mpetyane. Kuddtji is a man of gentle nature and presents himself with pride and dignity. His connection to traditional ways are evident not only through his powerful sense of awareness, but through his spiritual connections with his paintings. The songs relating to the story he is portraying are sung as he recounts the journeys of his ancestors. Kuddtji, although known for his intricate portrayals of the “Emu Dreaming”,has developed several abstract depictions of this story.With a strong sense of colour much like his sister he overlays paint that produces depth and design. During the early part of 2003, he spent time on Queenslands Sunshine Coast, where Eumundi’s Red Desert Gallery commissioned several large works. He returned again to Eumundi’s Red Desert Gallery in June, 2004 and stayed for several weeks while completing works for his solo exhibition “ That’s MY Country ”. His current series of paintings have an incredible energy, vibrancy and appeal, and are sure to heighten the profile and collectability of this amazing senior elder. Kuddtji was included in Australia’s 50 most collectible artists for 2007. Collections: ~ “Nangara”, The Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition, from the Ebes Collection, Melbourne. ~ Paul & Melinda Curtis’s Personal Collection, Eumundi, Queensland. ~ The Euan Hills Personal Collection,  Hobart, Tasmania. Exhibitions: ~ 2003 – 17th Sept – 26th October, Kuddtji  Tjungurrayi & Eunice Napangardi   “Colour” Exhibition, Red Desert Gallery, Eumundi, Qld. ~ 2004 – Feb , Kuddtji Tjungurrayi & Barney Ellaga.“Two Senior Men” Exhibition,  Art Mob,Hobart, Tasmania. ~ 2004 -  May – June,  Kuddtji Tjungurrayi Exhibition, Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, N.S.W. ~ 2004 – 23rd June – 7th August, Kuddtji Tjungurrayi,  “That’s MY Country” Exhibition,  Red Desert Gallery, Eumundi, Qld. ~ 2004 – September, Kuddtji Tjungurrayi, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, W.A ~2013” A Connection to Country” Red Desert Gallery, Eumundi, Qld.
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